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FastTrack Mail
Free Portable RSS feed reader and news aggregator
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Version 1.02
Free RSS Feed Reader and Blog Client

FastTrackNews is a free portable RSS feed reader and news aggregator.

The program reduces the time and effort needed to regularly check mass media websites for updates and can be used as news and blog browser.  Once subscribed to a feed, FastTrackNews is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update. 

You can easily organize news channels in a fully customizable tree structure and browse actual news articles using built-in or external webbrowser.

FastTrackNews uses a web feed to retrieve syndicated news given in XML-based formats (Atom, RSS, etc.), rapidly downloads news articles from various web sources in background and displays them in comfortable customizable views. 

The program supports password protected feeds, has the ability to expire news items so they get deleted after a certain amount of days.   The RSS content is sometimes described as being "pulled" to the subscriber,  as opposed to "pushed" with mailing list or Internet Messaging.  Unlike recipients of some "pushed" information, the RSS Reader user can easily unsubscribe from a feed.

FastTrackNews is simple and easy to use, offers a no-nonsense Outlook Express-like user interface. With FastTrackNews you will be keep informed about the most recent news. 

The program is free, does not require installation, occupies far less space on HD/RAM than other similar paid programs, does not contain any annoying ad banners. 


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